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What is orange shirt day?

Observed annually on September 30th, but you can wear your shirt all year round to show your support!

Created by Phyllis webstad; Orange Shirt Day opens the door for national awareness of the IRSS (Indian Residential School System). It's an opportunity for meaningful discussions about the lasting effects of Residential Schools and the harsh legacy they have left behind. It is also a day for survivors to be reaffirmed that they matter.

Our quality promise

Authentic Native designs

We are native owned an operated. Our clothing is NOT mass produced in China, and we create all of our own art designs in house. Our pricing reflects the authenticity and quality of our garments. Your purchase also supports Indigenous led charities!

You will NEVER find our clothing brand at your local walmart discount rack.

intergenerational trauma

We are connected

Among our small team, each of us are either a child or grandchild of a residential school survivor, including the company owner. If not for their resilience, none of us would be here today.

Each year we host an Orange Shirt campaign to raise awareness for our parents/grandparents and to raise funds for Indigenous led charities focused on IRSS initiatives. 


We provide large bulk order discounts to schools, organizations, band offices etc. (Automatic volume discount calculator available on select designs - on product pages)

For special custom orders, or orders of 100+ shirts, Email us at: to discuss your order! 

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