an authentic native clothing brand

Resist Clothing Company is an urbanized native clothing brand, based in Tkaronto, Turtle Island - Treaty 13 Territory.


We are a team of Indigenous people who are passionate about enhancing Indigenous representation in colonized spaces. It is our mission to ignite change and build a premium streetwear brand that elevates Indigenous messages, inspires allyship and demonstrates Indigenous resilience.In an industry that is lacking the voice of the people, we strive to demonstrate the importance of embracing culture and history; to inspire this generation of youth and pave the way forward for the next seven generations.


Our warehouse is located on the traditional territories of the Mississauga's of the Credit First Nations, the Anishinaabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Huron-Wendat peoples. Within so called "Toronto, Ontario, Canada."


We are in the market to produce quality clothing for anyone who supports Indigenous culture. Our authentic Native-made designs put any "Native inspired" knockoff you find online or at big box stores to shame. Not Indigenous? No problem, you can still support our brand! We have an Allies section CLICK HERE TO GO TO ALLIES SECTION
We have something for everyone, all are welcome to shop here.

Brand story

Indigenous people have been systemically oppressed and under-represented for centuries.

Mitch (the owner) would occasionally attend peaceful rallies and awareness gatherings that brought important Indigenous issues into the spotlight. One day Mitch decided to create his own shirt, equipped with a powerful message that read "F*CK Colonialism".

Several people at a gathering approached him and asked where he got the shirt so they could purchase one. This sparked the entrepreneurial spirit in Mitch, so he did some googling.

After noticing that Indigenous representation in the casual wear/streetwear fashion was undersaturated, Mitch decided to take a risk and create a clothing brand that imagines streetwear fashion through an urban Indigenous lens.

We started as 'Our Feather Clothing Company' (2020) to test the waters and eventually changed to 'Resist Clothing Company' in Sept 2021 when we better understood our brand. Today we continue to 'Indigenize' streetwear, and build a quality driven brand that is worn globally.

About the owner

Mitch Gegwetch (The company owner) is an Indigenous Entrepreneur and non-profit leader. Anishinaabe and a registered member of Sagamok First Nation. A community located in Northern Ontario Canada.

Mitch grew up in the city of Toronto but has strong family roots in his community of Sagamok, returning each summer to spend time with family, friends and attend the annual powwow. All native people are born unique; we come in different shapes, sizes and skin tones. Mitch understands the privilege that comes with being a fair/light skinned native (or as some call "white passing"). His grandparents are survivors of the residential school era, if not for their resilience, he would not be here today.

In late 2017, after several years of school and training, Mitch was inspired to lead an initiative to share his knowledge of technology and entrepreneurship with his community. When the programs he created and delivered were a success, he decided to travel and continue to share his knowledge with several FN communities across Canada. But unfortunately when the pandemic hit in 2020, Mitch was no longer able to travel and work in communities. Today, Mitch owns and operates Resist Clothing Company, while continuing his philanthropy and support of initiatives that uplift Indigenous young people