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RESIST Clothing company (formerly Our Feather Clothing Co.) started in 2020. It was created by Mitch Gegwetch (Ojibwe/Anishinaabe and a member of Sagamok First Nation). 

RESIST is a premium streetwear brand. We never cheap out on our inventory. We promise, our products are worth every penny, if you disagree, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. 

We are native owned and operated. Our company is certified by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. A certification only obtained by proof of the company owner's status. View CCAB listing here



Our mission is to build an authentic Native clothing brand that amplifies the presence and voices of Indigenous people. 

We do this by creating unique designs on high quality garments that grab your attention and provoke thought or reflection. 

We also stay true to our native roots and operate the brand 'in a good way' by sharing our profit with Indigenous charities that protect and uplift our Indigenous Communities.

  • We run an annual orange shirt day fund raising campaign that benefits a selected organization such as The orange shirt society, IRSSS, The Legacy of Hope Foundation, etc.



RESIST strives to disavow systemic racism, colonialism and appropriation. We aim to uplift native communities and Inspire this generation to pave the way forward for the next 7 generations. We fuse native culture with modern street-wear to create one-of-a-kind designs that spark conversations and inspire action NOW not later.

We believe that reflection through art, style and expression is just one of many ways we can reclaim our heritage and innovate how we showcase our creative spirit to the world. 

Our brand is a breathe of fresh air. We provide a place to purchase authentic “Native made” designs instead of those knock-off Indigenous art and native inspired designs you find at big box stores and through fake shops online.


A step above the rest: