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Recommending to my friends

I'm very happy with this medium sized ECM t-shirt. It fits true to size. It washes and dries with no shrinkage. It's soft and comfortable. It's among my favourite t-shirts. Thank you Resist.


Definitely a higher quality shirt that is worth the price! Very happy with the fit and able to wear any day instead of saving for the special days.

Very happy with my purchase

I'm delighted with this hoodie. Just like the other reviews described, this garment fits true to size. I wear a 34 sleeve length dress shirt and the sleeve length on this hoodie (medium) must be very close to that - the sleeve length is good for me. I found no shrinkage after washing and drying. I'm a big fan of the West Coast design. I'm looking forward to wearing this hoodie for many years. Thank you Resist for creating a very functional, attractive hoodie that I can wear to express my allyship with my indigenous friends.

Comfy T-shirt

Great messaging and shipping was timely! Very comfy shirt!

Indigenous Hoodie

Love the inspirational Messaging and the maroon color!

Laughter is Big Medicine Indeed

Love the messaging and very comfortable sweatshirt!

Great shirt

Got it for my husband and he wears it often

MMIW T-shirt (Ladies)
I love it

I love it, It was absolutely beautifully made, The artwork was amazing, I have featured them on my TT page and you can see me unboxing it and trying it on, I highly recommend anyone reading this order from this company and I will definitely be purchasing again. #MMIW

MMIW Hoodie (unisex)
Emilea Saadeh
Great graphics

Beautiful graphic sweatshirt for MMIWG2S+ recognition events and days and any day. Good quality material, very soft and comfortable. Will be wearing this a lot. Fit true to size.

Will buy again!

This is my second order. Designs are gorgeous and we have people ask us often where we have purchased from. Thank you!

Love it

Fits true to size. Perfect fit even after washing did not shrink. Good quality shirt.
Love the message.
Thank you!
Fast shipping


amazing, arrived in time and because of the great logo I can be part of raising awareness just by wearing. I will be supporting this store again in the future.


Not just a t-shirt, an essential message through word & art.

Mother's Day Gift(s)

The t-shirts are great. I have gifted them to my mother and 2 sisters. I have already worn mine to work and am very happy with the fit and wear of it.

High quality garment

This is the third orange shirt I’ve bought for my daughter and each one has been excellent. I feel
proud to bring my business to this company.


Beautiful, eye-catching design, well constructed garment. Receive endless inquiries and compliments every time I wear it.
Not a huge fan of the fleece inside as I find it does not 'breathe' enough for my liking; I always run hot!
A 'heftier' draw string on the hoodie would also be more in-line with the overall feel of the rest of the garment.

Great hoody - even better message. Resist Clothing has met and exceeded all expectations. Shipment arrived at my California address within days of ordering. So glad to have an ethical and authentic source. I'll be back!

Be Everything They Tried To Destroy

I chose the red option on this powerful message T-shirt. Stunning with my ribbon skirt, I am a walking statement of what I believe. I found the shirt to fit small and would order next size up when I reorder, and I will be reordering.


I bought this for my daughter and she loved it!!! Great shirt, great quality!


Love our shirts and the message it sends ro peeps

Super soft

So comfortable to wear and I love what the t-shirt stands for/represents. Super fast delivery also, I ordered on a Saturday and it arrived on Thursday.

Quality and style

The fabric of this shirt is super quality. The print is bright and defined. Easy to wash... looks great to wear!

Quality and style

The fabric of this shirt is super quality. The print is bright and defined. Easy to wash... looks great to wear!

Quality and style

This shirt is an amazing quality. The material is thick and the print is defined. I will definitely be buying from this company again!!!

Fits so well

Normally when you buy a unisex hoodie as a woman it makes you look like a box, this fits so well, I still have curves and feel feminine. The inside is so soft and the quality is excellent. Easily my new favourite shirt. LOVE IT. Great fit, feel and message!!