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Article: When is Orange Shirt Day 2023? What is Orange Shirt day?

When is Orange Shirt Day 2023? What is Orange Shirt day?

When is Orange Shirt Day 2023? What is Orange Shirt day?

Orange Shirt Day (observed annually on September 30th) is a day to remember and raise awareness of the harm caused by Residential schools and the ongoing impact it has on Indigenous families, communities and cultures. The movement was inspired by the story of Phyllis Webstad, a former residential school student who had her brand new bright orange shirt taken from her on her first day of school in 1973. The orange shirt symbolizes the loss of Indigenous culture and identity that occurred in residential schools.

In 2017, NDP MP Georgina Jolibois proposed a private member's bill to make Orange Shirt Day an official day of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and it has since been declared as Truth and Reconciliation Day by the Canadian government.

To support the movement, hundreds of Indigenous artists and vendors from across Canada create designs, sell t-shirts to raise funds, and organize events. Indigenous Owned Clothing brands and Indigenous Clothing are the just some of the key elements that support the movement. But it's important to be aware that there have been instances of non-Indigenous vendors stealing Indigenous designs and falsely claiming to be "Indigenous Owned."


When shopping for Indigenous orange shirts, always check for details on where the shirts are made, who created the design, and where it ships from, and ensure that some of the money is being directed towards Residential School Survivor focused projects or organizations. 

When searching the web, try using terms like "Orange Shirt Day T-Shirt Canada" and "Every Child Matters Shirt Canada", but make sure to look at the search results thoroughly to determine if they are real Indigenous Clothing Brands, or more fake vendors in disguise! (A key indicator: If they do not clearly state where it's made, who made the design, and if funds are being donated, steer clear!)

RESIST CLOTHING COMPANY, creates authentic Native-designed and quality-made Every Child Matters t-shirts, with a portion of net proceeds going towards Indigenous-led organizations and projects. We believe in transparency, so if you have any questions about how we donate, or our in-house Indigenous design process, just send us an email at

Our latest Orange Shirt Day T-Shirt design for 2023 will be 100% made in Canada, and can be pre-ordered once available.

Also check out our list of other verified Indigenous vendors. Tap HERE


In conclusion, Orange Shirt Day 2023 will be observed on September 30th, 2023. Orange Shirt Day is a significant day in Canada, and it's important to support Indigenous artists and vendors to ensure that the money goes towards raising awareness and supporting the survivors of residential schools.


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And remember; buy Indigenous to support Indigenous,



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