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The Importance of Authentic Indigenous Businesses (+Vendor list)

The Importance of Authentic Indigenous Businesses (+Vendor list)

Indigenous art and culture hold a significant place in history and heritage. However, non-Indigenous individuals and businesses often steal Indigenous cultural resources and sell them as their own, exploiting Indigenous artists and communities. This also perpetuates negative stereotypes and detracts from the importance of Indigenous art and culture.

Supporting authentic Indigenous businesses, owned and operated by Indigenous individuals and communities, helps preserve and promote Indigenous art, culture, and heritage. To ensure authenticity, research and look for businesses certified by Indigenous organizations (Such as the CCAB in Canada) or accredited by reputable Indigenous arts organizations.

It is up to everyone to protect Indigenous cultural resources and support Indigenous artists by purchasing from authentic Indigenous businesses.

Here is a short list of our favorite Indigenous sellers that we know are truly and authentically Indigenous. (Order is randomized)



There are so many amazing artists, designers and creators who are beautifully and authentically Indigenous, remember to do your research and ensure your purchase is supporting Indigenous.




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