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Counter-culture and the #LANDBACK movement

Counter-culture and the #LANDBACK movement

The #LANDBACK movement is a powerful example of counter culture in action. This movement, led by Indigenous people, calls for the return of stolen land to Indigenous peoples and the recognition of Indigenous land rights.

The origins of counter culture can be traced back to the 1950s and 60s, when young people began to reject the conservative values of their parents and embrace more progressive ideas. However, Indigenous people have been demonstrating against colonialism since contact.

In many ways, the #LANDBACK movement challenges the dominant culture of settler colonialism, which has historically sought to erase Indigenous peoples and their cultures. Through actions like reclaiming land and occupying spaces, the #LANDBACK movement asserts Indigenous sovereignty and challenges the notion that land belongs to whoever can claim it through conquest or colonization.

Additionally, the #LANDBACK movement prioritizes the importance of connection to land and the natural world. This is in contrast to mainstream culture, which often values profit and development over the preservation of the environment. By advocating for the return of land to Indigenous peoples, the #LANDBACK movement also seeks to protect and steward the land for future generations.

Overall, the #LANDBACK movement is a powerful example of how counter culture can challenge the dominant narrative and push for change. By standing up for Indigenous land rights and prioritizing the importance of the natural world, the #LANDBACK movement is making a powerful statement and working towards a more just and equitable future.

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