As Indigenous people, it is our responsibility to protect and preserve mother earth; the land, and the natural environment. Our brand upholds this responsibility in a few ways:

  • We use eco-friendly inks that do far less harm to the environment than traditional inks, these inks cost more but we are committed to sustainability.
  • We employ a print-to-order method, this means we only order a set amount of blank inventory, and we ONLY print/decorate the garments when an order is placed. This prevents excess inventory. (57% of all discarded clothing ends up in a landfill, our process minimizes our contribution to this factor)
  • We recycle as many materials as possible during the print production process to reduce the amount of waste we create. 
  • We source all of our blank garments from suppliers that follow strict sustainability guidelines. (i.e reduced water usage, eco-friendly dyes, fair-trade cotton and fair wage standards, etc)

We continue to strive for more ways we can minimize our impact on mother earth, and bring you a product you can be proud to wear.


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Our company ONLY works with sustainable suppliers that actively strive to dramatically reduce the amount of water waste produced by their garment manufacturing process.

By using newer, more efficient machines, our suppliers use 7x less water than the average for clothing manufacturers, saving *approximately 109,000,000 L (109M Liters) per week. Also, any water they do use goes through a filtration system that allows it to be recycled.

How much clothing do we waste?


Is the average amount of clothing waste in North America, per year. A large portion of this number is the result of mass production and excessive inventory, that is then discarded if not sold.

How much is too much?


We take care to purchase our blank products and garments in reasonable amounts. Also, we donate any leftover garments with minor print defects second hand to clothing drives and initiatives that benefit members of the Indigenous community in Toronto and surrounding communities.

Energy & Waste reduction

In an effort to save costs and reduce our impact, we operate out of a shared warehouse space. The warehouse (located in the Greater Toronto Area) uses motion-sense LED lighting, and various skylights for natural lighting. The shared space is also outfitted with energy efficient equipment and appliances.

Our section of the warehouse produces very little landfill because we recycle or repurpose pretty much everything we can. We've optimized our process by recycling some of the materials used to print/dye across multiple products, without sacrificing quality!

We actively strive to reduce plastic use, and any excess textile is repurposed or donated, our ancestors taught us to let nothing go to waste!

Disclaimer: *approximations: any reference made on this page/website (indicated by the * asterisk) to waste statistics and national averages are not produced by our company (Resist Clothing Company). These statistics and national averages are aggregated data, pooled from multiple online sources and/or sourced directly from our partners'/suppliers' research.