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Sustainable fashion

As Indigenous people, it is our responsibility to protect and preserve mother earth; the land, and the natural environment. Our brand upholds this responsibility in a few ways:

  • We use eco-friendly inks that do far less harm to the environment than traditional inks, these inks cost more but we are committed to sustainability.
  • We employ a print-to-order method, this means we only order a set amount of blank inventory, and we ONLY print/decorate the garments when an order is placed. This prevents excess inventory. (57% of all discarded clothing ends up in a landfill, our process minimizes our contribution to this factor)
  • We recycle as many materials as possible during the print production process to reduce the amount of waste we create. 
  • We source all of our blank garments from suppliers that follow strict sustainability guidelines. (i.e reduced water usage, eco-friendly dyes, fair-trade cotton and fair wage standards, etc)

We continue to strive for more ways we can minimize our impact on mother earth, and bring you a product you can be proud to wear.


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