Our Feather Clothing Company was founded by Mitch Gegwetch. He is Ojibwe, and a proud member of Sagamok First Nation (A community on the north shore of Lake Huron, Ontario CANADA). Mitch is passionate about helping others and he has lead several social entrepreneurship projects since late 2016. 

Mitch resides in Toronto Ontario, but has deep family ties to his community in the North. He regularly returns to Sagamok First Nation to attend events like the annual powwow and facilitate educational programs for youth in the community. You can learn more about his educational non-profit work by visiting (

Through Mitch's non-profit work, he quickly realized how difficult it was to obtain funding to keep his organization (mikinaak) afloat. There are very little options for funding and this leads to organizations fighting over funding opportunities which can ruin collaboration and relationships. 

Another related factor is that most funding comes from government or corporate sponsorship sources, which all have restrictions, and guidelines for how you can use the money; you can have the best project in the world, but you will not get funding if you do not twist and skew your project's objectives to align with corporate and government objectives. This colonial way of controlling project outcomes has made it very difficult for Indigenous focused charities and non-profit organizations to make truly meaningful impact.

This is what lead to the idea of building a clothing brand that puts money back into the community by giving unrestricted funding to key Indigenous organizations so they can drive their mission and 'thrive' not just 'survive'.

Through this, Our Feather Clothing Company was born and our company vows to contribute as much as possible to Indigenous Charities/Organizations, fundraisers, and awareness events.

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